Thursday, January 04, 2018

What Password Manager Apps Do I Use?

Maybe you didn't go to bed last night wondering what password manager apps I use, but I have been asked that question a few times, so I'll tell you.

I use 2 apps that are both cross-platform, meaning they'll sync between all your devices (PCs, i Macs, Apple or Android smartphones). One is free with upgrade options, and the other changes a nominal $20 per year.

I use 2 for the sake of redundancy, so if one gives me a hassle, the other is there as a backup.

So what are they?

Roboform and LastPass.

They both work great. They'll ask to save login info when you register of update your info to a new site. They'll save and enter that info, and they'll generate very strong passwords for you on the fly.

Check them out below!

Get Roboform and LastPass on the Google Play Store.

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