Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Avibrim - Customize your Android's Vibration Patterns

Avibrim - Custom Vibrations


Every smartphone offers a range of different ring tones that you can customize. By assigning a specific ringtone to each caller, it is possible to know who is calling without having to look at the display. But as soon as the smartphone is made silently this function is useless.

Avibrim allows contact of specifically recognizing calls, even when the vibration mode in the phone is used. So Avibrim is the perfect solution for meetings or other business circumstances and for private situations in which a vibrator is preferred.

Avibrim is easy to use and also extremely functional. You can use it to create custom vibration pattern and assign them to contacts.

You will be surprised how much fun it is to create your own custom vibration patterns!

Custom Vibration pattern already included:

- Heartbeat
- Ramp Up
- AK47
- Knock Knock

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