Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Keep In Touch - Helps you stay in touch with friends and loved ones

Keep In Touch - Call reminders


* Are you in habit of forgetting to call friends after making promises?
* Do you forget to talk to your aunt week after week?
* Want to stay in touch with old time friends?

As we strive hard to put a dent in the universe, we often forget calling our friends and family and strain our relationships.

Keep in touch lets you stay in touch with friends and family, as you wade through your busy life. In a single tap, it helps you to stay close to them by reminding you at your convenient time.

* Simple call reminders - Single tap to set a reminder. It doesn't get easier than that!
* Custom frequencies - Set repeating Daily, Weekly or Monthly reminders
* Seamless calling - Call directly from the app when the notification fires.
* Customize your reminder time from Settings.

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