Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Noyze Volume Panel - Customizable Volume Panel Replacement for Android

Noyze Volume Panel


Noyze is a free app that gives you complete control over your device's volume buttons. It is the only volume panel that does not require root, a custom ROM, or XPosed! Just activate noyze in Accessibility and enjoy! It comes preloaded with tons of settings, including master volume (sync all volumes), long press actions (next/ previous track or launch a shortcut), themes, and much more.
If you've got a device with broken or jammed volume buttons, noyze allows you to disable them. Once again you can listen to music and get notifications.

Device support: Noyze requires a feature introduced in Android 4.3 and cannot support Android 4.2 or older. A note regarding Accessibility: this is necessary to override the volume buttons. Noyze uses this feature for that purpose only, and does not collect, share, or store ANY information, period.


· Status Bar
· Heads Up
· Windows Phone 8
· Paranoid Android
· Blackberry
· Apple iOS/ iPhone
· Volume Bar
· Extended Controls
· Invisible

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