Saturday, July 26, 2014

Commandr for Google Now - Android Voice Actions Empowered

Commandr for Google Now


Add commands to Google Now, no root required!

No more "note to self" before every command! (v2.0)

As Featured on LifeHacker, SlashGear, Android Police, Android Authority, Android Central, Droid Life, Android Community, Android Pit, and more!

"... if you're using your phone hands free in the car, it can be a life saver" - LifeHacker

"With the 3rd-party-developed app Commandr, Google Now gets a boost" - SlashGear

"... meet Commandr, the new in-between service for flipping hardware switches in Google Now" - Android Police

Google Now Just Got Better
Now you can use Google Now to control your flashlight, toggle settings, control music playback, and much more!
Google Now Just Got Personal

Add your own custom commands through Tasker to make sure your device fits your lifestyle.

Listening to You

Vote on new commands or suggest new ones so that we are working on adding the commands you want.

Improving Quickly

Don't wait for Google! Updates will be quick and support request responses quicker.

Unify Your Smartphone

Access all the features of your device through Google Now so you don't have to remember what app does what.

Setup and Forget

Once you setup Commandr, it will always be accessible from Google Now and will only run when needed. It won't slow down your phone or your boot.


Commands work fully offline! (have to type instead of speak)

Command List (so far):

- Turn On/Off Wifi
- Turn On/Off Bluetooth
- Turn On/Off GPS (for some phones)
- Pause Music
- Resume Music
- Next Song
- Previous Song
- Read Unread SMS
- Play Playlist
- note (adds to note-taking app)
- Any Tasker command you can dream of!

Coming Soon (vote for priority in-app):

- Wolfram Alpha Integration
- Read Aloud Unread Gmail
- Turn On/Off Wifi Hotspot
- Launch Navigation with Waze
- Turn On/Off NFC

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

5 Incredibly Awesome Cases to Outfit Your iPhone or iPod Touch

It's the weekend, and roaming stores is always a great past-time. So we thought we would highlight a few of our more unique cases for you to enjoy because shopping online is just as enjoyable! This is just a small sampling from our lovely accessories collection. 

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1) iPhone 5/5S - World Cup Flag Cases in Retro Design for Various Countries -
Item 1052
- What country have you enjoyed watching most on World Cup FIFA 2014?

2) Galaxy S5 - Strong Dual Layer Cover With Inside Soft Case and Hard Shell Outside in Assorted Colors 
Item 1051
- Soft Inner TPU Cover + Hard Shell with Rubberized Anti-Slip finish with easy to snap on/take off

3) iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S, 5C - Crystal Bling Clover on Clear Case With Stylus Ear Jack Charm -
Item 490
- Sparkling bling on clear case shows off your device to perfection!

4) iPhone 5C - Glittering Full Body Wallet Case With Rhinestone Closure in Assorted Colors -
Item 275
- Glimmering wallet case that securely encloses your phone.

5) HTC One (M8) - Sleek Case With Built-in Screen Protector in Assorted Colors -
Item 1025
- Rubberized, fitted, smooth, matte case to give an ultra sleek look to your device


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Floatify - Smart Notifications (Android)

Floatify - Smart Notifications


Floatify ..the floating notification center! When you receive notifications Floatify will show you a popup window with stacked notifications. You can interact with the popup, expand a notification to full size, open or cancel the notification, setup a reminder or open the app in xHalo. Even if the phone is locked you can preview the notification! Floatify will also wake your phone if you like.

The notify on unlock feature will automatically show you all pending notifications as soon as you unlock your phone. Simple, fast and efficient!

Use the smart blacklist to prevent notification popups when gaming or browsing.
As soon as you leave the app Floatify will show the missed notification.
Floatify actions can be added to your homescreen or directly started from other apps.
This way you can cancel all notifications, open the notif. popup or similar with a simple touch.
Customize popup window style as you like with smooth animations, backgrounds and colors.


• Notification popups on all apps.
• Auto action on notification
• Auto action after unlocking
• Stacked notifications
• Expand notifications to full size
• Smart blacklist
• Lockscreen preview
• Wake on notification
• Icon pack support (Nova, Go, ADW,..)
• Low battery consumption
• Fast and fluid handling
• Easy configuration
• Backup & Restore settings
• Much more!


• Choose from style presets or customize as you like.
• Popup size, position, color, animation, opacity..
• Item color, divider, spacing, animations..
• Icon background, size, contact picture..
• Text color, max lines, size, bold..
• Unlimited possibilities


• English
• German
• Spanish
• French
• Italian
• Turkish
• Polish
• Russian

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