Sunday, June 01, 2014

Search Now (Android) - Find Anything Quickly on Your Device or on the Web

Search Now


Search Now: A multitasking way to search on the web and on your device. Search Now will give you a new multitasking experience, it will show a search button on top of your screen, touch it to start searching without exiting the current app. The search button could be dragged to reposition on the screen, or long pressed to hide.

Search Now supports:

- Search on internet
- Search contacts
- Search applications
- Search bookmarks and history
- Search music and videos
- Search calendar and system settings

Search Now supports most of popular web search engines:

- Google
- Yahoo
- Bing
- Ask
- Baidu(百度)
- Naver(네이버)
- Yandex(Яндекс)

In addition, Search Now supports:

1. Showing web suggestions when you are typing
2. Adding search widget on your home screen.
3. Searching in Google Map/Google Play Store/YouTube

To be supported:

1. Voice search
2. Google translate

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