Saturday, November 09, 2013

Automate Your Android's Audio with AudioGuru!

Ever have your cellphone go off in an important meeting? Ever missed an important call or notification because you forgot to turn your phone's audio back on after that important meeting? Ever wished your phone could know when to ring and when to shut the hell up? OK then, listen up! This app will make your life that much more serene by making sure you don't suffer through these scenarios again.

Developer Quote: "Easily set your volume levels with home screen volume control widgets. Manually apply volume presets straight from the widgets or schedule them for a time of day. Optionally also schedule your ringer, alerts and alarm default ringtones. AudioGuru is the attractive and well featured audio manager for your phone volume levels and ringer modes."


★ Manage media, ringer, alert, system and alarm volume levels.
★ 4 Custom volume profiles (presets).
★ Rename and edit Profiles.
★ Configure your default ringtones for ringer, alerts and alarm.
★ Automatically set profiles depending on time of day.
★ Solid and translucent widget skins.
★ 4 home screen widget sizes available.
★ Scheduler to automatically apply your presets whenever you want.
★ Available in over 5 different languages

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