Saturday, October 05, 2013

Themer Beta (Android) - One-Tap Theming!

Ask anyone, I LOVE to theme my Nexus 4, to dress it up and get different looks. My personal taste is a simple, elegant look, but to each his own with Themer! I've been a fan of this very talented developer, MyColorScreen, for a while now, and they've made it as simple as you can imagine to get all kinds of cool looks on your device, so check it out!

Developer Quote: "Themer is more than an app. It will transform your homescreen to something that is beautiful, functional, and designed to fit the way you use your phone. Just choose one of our many free themes from the in-app browser and press apply. We have sports, sci-fi, nature, minimalism, movies, music, and games. Dozens of themes to choose from and more added daily. Based on the Android theming website,, Themer does all the hard work for you, setting up wallpaper, widgets, and icons in one click."


- The app is free and themes are free.
- Easily go back to your old homescreen setup (though we doubt you'll want to!).
- All themes are customizable, or you can use them as-is.
- New "Favorites" tab in the app drawer lets you quickly access your most-used apps.
- Themer Actions technology learns your app preferences. It doesn't matter if you're using Pandora or Spotify for music, WeatherBug or AccuWeather for weather, or TweetCaster or HootSuite for Twitter. Themer will get it right.

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