Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Best Free Voice Recording App for Android - Tape-a-Talk

Friends, this is a perfect example of what I bring to our table here at Barry's Best. First, I see a need for an app in my own life. Second, I search for and try just about all the apps available. Third, I choose the best one (IMO). And finally, I share it with all of you! See how much time I saved you?

A couple of weeks ago I was in a meeting with the president of the company I work for in real life, along with a few others, and he (the prez) asked us if we minded if he taped our conversation. He wanted to remember all our great ideas! He placed his phone on the conference table, tapped on the big microphone icon, and off we went. I thought, why don't I do that?

So I went in search of the best, free voice recording app for my Android. My considerations? No hidden costs, like you can only tape 5 minutes free, so buy the pro. Attractive. And simple to use. Here's what I found...

Developer Quote: "Tape-a-Talk is a high quality voice recorder designed for simplicity and is able to record voice notes/voice memos/audio even when the display is off."


✔ Record in high or low quality, in background and with pause function (.wav)
✔ backwards/fast-forward during a recording as on your dictation machine (.wav)
✔ Record by Widget

✔ Send, rename and delete recordings
✔ "Fast" Send, now with custom mail recipients
✔ upload to Dropbox, FTP (needs additional apps)

✔ Choose recordings as ringtone
✔ Cut recordings (only wav)
✔ Repair recordings (fix header information of wav-files)
✔ Samplerate and -format can be configured in the settings (working modes may vary from device to device)
✔ ...and much more!

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