Saturday, October 26, 2013

Location Reminder (Android) - Never forget a location-specific task again!

When you get to work, don't forget to email your boss about the project update! When you get to the grocery store, do NOT forget to buy more beer! When you get to the restaurant, please please please remember to tell your date how nice she looks! When you hit the expressway, let your kids know you're almost home!

Life is full of these kinds of location-specific tasks. With this app to be your helper, you won't forget any of them ever again! Unless you forget to set the reminder in the first place.


☆ Remind you when your bus stop is coming up if you are asleep!
☆ Remind you when you get to the store to buy something!
☆ Alert you when your child nears a dangerous area.
☆ Remind nice to visit place
☆ In-device: ringtone & vibration & voice (text to speech)
☆ SMS to pre-defined numbers
☆ Email to pre-defined email

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