Sunday, September 08, 2013

Sidebar Plus (Android) - Speed up your multi-tasking!

How many apps do you actually use daily? Now, how many do you have on your Android device? If you're like most humans, the ratio of daily apps to apps taking up room on your device is somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.05. Now, I'm not suggesting that you get rid of any. No, I'm suggesting that you set up a quick and easy way to get to the ones you use most often. This app is super-useful in that regard, and it looks great doing it!

Developer Quote: "Sidebar Plus - brilliant multi-tasking from anywhere. It's light, fast, customizable to your taste. You can put various items in the sidebars such as apps, contacts, commonly accessed settings, shortcuts, and DashClock extensions as well at widgets. It supports multiple bars, as well as change the visuals and trigger options for the bars."


☆ Create multiple bars that can open from aside
☆ Pin apps, common settings, contacts, shortcuts into bar
☆ Big Bar brings favorite apps, frequent contacts, settings, weather, running apps, widgets in a bar
☆ Customize a bar with theme, colors, icon size, opacity, bar alignment (left/right)
☆ Deeply integrate to system: slide to open bar while using other app
☆ Include 3 themes: dark, light, holo-dark.

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