Sunday, September 01, 2013

Reward Summit (Android/iPhone/Chrome) - Make the most of your credit card rewards!

We all have credit cards, and they all have reward programs. But who can keep track of them? How do you know the best one to use for any particular purchase in order to get the most out of your available rewards programs? Impossible, right? Not any more.

Developer Quote: "How would you like to get an extra $250 a year or more back from your credit card reward programs? Most credit card customers find their reward programs so confusing that they aren't taking full advantage of the benefits! With Reward Summit you can:

+ See a "cheat sheet" of the best card to use for each type of purchase
+ Choose a specific merchant based on your location and see how much every credit card you carry will pay in rewards
+ Connect to FourSquare to get automatic recommendation notifications every time you check-in
+ View a report of how much other credit card reward programs would have saved you
+ Be notified when the credit cards you carry run "flash promotions" (like when a credit card company offers 2% cash back for a specific type of transaction for a single day) or when special promotions require you to sign up

Start maximizing your credit card rewards now. Getting started is easy: The first time you use the application you select which credit cards you carry. We'll start making recommendations right away. No sensitive information is required - we'll never ask for your credit card number."

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