Saturday, September 07, 2013

Quick PDF Scanner Free (Android) - Scan, organize, share PDF docs from your phone!

Developer Quote: "From the developer of OfficeSuite, Quick PDF Scan allows you to scan, export and share multipage documents in PDF format. The software uses the camera of your Android device to help you scan and digitize your paper documents so you can easily manage and store them. In line with the latest Google Android trends Quick PDF Scanner is with flexible and modern user interface, advanced custom camera configuration and full customization of the output PDF file, Quick PDF Scanner is an indispensable tool for intelligent management of your documents and images."

PDFs are the way documents are shared when you don't want them to be edited or saved in a proprietary format that Aunt Janet can't open because she doesn't have the right app, or when you just need to scan and send them. Who needs a scanner today, really? Except people who watch infomercials enticing them to buy obsolete technology and actually buy it! Ugh.

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