Monday, September 02, 2013

Car Manager (Android) - Easily keep track of your cars' gas mileage and expenses

When I got my first car, I had a log book I kept in the glove compartment. In it, I wrote in my odometer reading, how many gallons of gas it took each fill up, and the calculation of my gas mileage. This was useful in alerting me to any dips in my mpg that might indicate a problem like low tire pressure or the need for an oil change, etc. Quaint, right? Today all I need is an app like this running on my Android device. In fact, I can keep track of all my cars, and all the expenses associated with them.

Developer Quote: "Application for a full accounting for the maintenance of any vehicle. Includes consideration of fuel, repairs, other expenses (parking, insurance, car mileage etc.)."


-User-friendly interface
-Accounting information on refueling, repairs and other types of expenses
-The calculation of fuel efficiency in different units (mpg, liters per 100 km, etc)
-A variety of different statistics
-Counting the cost of ownership of the vehicle
-Many different charts
-Support for multiple vehicles/cars
-Reminders of the required expense or service
-SD Export/Import in xml
-Import \ export to SD in csv format
-Import \ export to DropBox in XML. Can be used for various purposes, including for the exchange of data between devices (the process is completely manual, in the plans - automation).
-Ability to transfer the application to the SD

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