Saturday, August 10, 2013

SnappyCam Pro (iPhone) - The fastest camera app around

Developer Quote: "~ Q: The secret to better photos? ~ A: Rapid, fast shots. Like a pro. >> On Sale for a Limited Time! << SnappyCam is a professional high-speed camera that's super easy to use. It's like a DSLR, but costs less than a cup of coffee."

I've always loved the sound of a rapid burst of camera shots. And apparently, taking lots of fast shots is the best way to make sure you get those once-in-a-blue-moon, unbelievably awesome, irresistibly cute shots of your subject. This app claims to turn you into a pro photog for the price of Stabucks' cheapest cup! So check it out and see.


~~ Continuous Shooting ~~
Never miss the shot. Get more natural, better framed photos. No more posing! Incredibly fast, up to 60 pictures/second † and configurable down to 1 picture/hour for time-lapse photography.

~~ Infinite Shooting ~~
Forever hold the shutter button and be sure that the most recent burst of shots are recorded. No need to guess when to start pressing the shutter button.

~~ Easy Export ~~
Save ALL shots or just a selection to the Camera Roll, send via e-mail, or drag and drop them to your desktop with iTunes App File Sharing.

Export your favorite shot to Instagram.

~~ Multiple Aspect Ratios ~~
Shoot at regular 4:3, widescreen 16:9, square 1:1, or many more aspect ratios.

~~ High-Speed Zoom ~~
Digital zoom at up to 6.0x magnification. Unlike other apps, we provide pixel-perfect lossless zoom that's blazingly fast.

~~ Revolutionary DSP Engine ~~
Our exclusive digital signal processing (DSP) engine is capable of high-speed photography at full sensor resolution on most devices, up to 8Mpx.

Click on the icon to download from the App Store!

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