Saturday, August 03, 2013

Shopping List (Android) - Makes grocery shopping fun again!

Well, maybe not fun, exactly. Maybe a little less of a pain in the behind.

Going grocery shopping today? One of the things we can't avoid is foraging for food. We've had to do it since we lived on the savannas of Africa. Of course it wasn't called Africa then, but I digress. Modern day foraging can be standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open, hoping that something inside it might suddenly seem edible. Or it could be taking a quick run to a fast food joint. But sometime or another, it comes down to going grocery shopping.

That's where a nice, attractive and easy-to-use shopping app for your Android device can become the equivalent of a sharpened stick clutched by your ancient, hominid self. Check this one out...

Developer Quote: "“Shopping List” helps you to organize your purchases – fast, intuitive and as easy as possible."


• Easy and fast to use
• Four completely different designs
• Category-View
• Entering of quantity, unit, price, note
• Important-mark for elements
• Progress bar
• Dragn'n'Drop sorting function
• Auto complete while typing
• Completely customizable font-size and color
• Five different fonts
• Lock- and edit-mode
• Reminder function
• Automatic element sort-order (including alphabetic)
• Automatic shopping list sort-order (according to progress, alphabetic)
• Share your shopping list with other users
• Share your shopping list via sms, e-mail and so on
• Adding of already typed-in items
• Manage multiple shopping lists
• Manage already typed-in items
• Import and export function
• Easy adding of items to the shopping list via enter-key
• Supports all characters
• App2SD-Support
• Supports all screen sizes

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