Sunday, July 21, 2013

Gymprovise (Android) - An app to help you get and stay fit

No one has time to get exercise, right? So if we're going to get it done we have to be efficient about it. That means working out in such a way as to get the most bang for our buck, or the most results for the time and energy we put in.

To accomplish this, we need solid advice and a high level of motivation. Wasting time and energy on workout routines that produce next to nothing in terms of our fitness goals just isn't an option. Neither is the kind of motivation that only lasts a week or two. (I always say that it's easy to decide to eat less right after a big meal. But it's what you do when your belly isn't full that counts.)

This app is designed to help, both with advice and motivation. The developer says,

"Up your motivation, improve your fitness, and stay on track with Gymprovise - a powerful, versatile, and flexible workout tracker for the Gym and outdoors, which gives you everything you need to plan, track, and review all your fitness activity. Gymprovise is THE Workout, Fitness & Bodybuilding app for gym junkies, fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders & anyone serious about getting fitter and stronger. This is the free, ads-supported version, with core functionality. Get the paid version for no ads and TONS of additional features! Gymprovise makes it easy to plan & track all your fitness activity, in the gym & outdoors. We have many features to suit everyone from beginners to advanced,"

Check out the screenshots:

Get it by clicking below!

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