Saturday, June 01, 2013

Instanty (iPhone) - Grab the best snaps from your videos

Developer Quote: "With Instanty you're in total control to get the perfect shot."

Sometimes you'll shoot an amazing video, then later wish you had some great photos of the same events. It's very difficult to shoot videos and photos of the same things, as you'll no doubt agree, so this scenario is fairly common.

Thankfully, this app lets you grab the best snapshots from videos you've recorded, or record video straight from the app itself, then pick the best stills. You may not even be aware of the gold that's hidden in your existing videos just waiting to be mined with this powerful and easy-to-use app!


• Never miss a shot.
• Create awesome pictures like Levitation, Vadering, Hadokening, Pottering or even the Makankosappo !
• Twenty filters for your astonishing photos.
• Super fast capture and instant save for everything you take.
• Share quickly on your favorite social networks

Click the icon below to grab the app for 99 cents!

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