Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Fixya (Android) - How to fix almost anything

Developer Quote: "Have a product question? Ask almost anything by using your device’s video camera to easily communicate your problem instead of trying to describe it with just text."

Used to be, when we lived in villages and hamlets, if you needed to fix something and had no idea how to do it, you could ask the village expert. Now, it's true that their fixes had a substantial chance of being totally useless, but at least there was someone who supposedly knew how to do whatever it is you needed help doing.

Today we don't have the village expert nearby, but we do have the technology to reach out to the vast number of them who are far away and whom we do not know. One way to do this is to use this app. Record a short video of the problem and send it into the virtual crowd, and someone or many someones will watch you video and respond, hopefully with excellent advice.

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