Saturday, June 29, 2013

DialApp (Android) - A context-aware phone dialer!

Developer Quote: "Yeah, what if the phone magically predicts whom you would call based on your context; your location, time, calendar, conversations etc. Adding context makes for an intelligent dialer."

If you've ever spent several minutes trying to bring up the contact info for someone you're trying to call on your Android phone, or even worse if you can't even remember who you were about to call at all, you know that this app has a great idea. Depending on the context, it can figure out who you're planning to call!

For example:

-You are home and it is night, you open dialer, it shows your girlfriend, mom, BFF.

-You are in the bus running late to office, open dialer and your boss's on the list.

-It is lunch time and you open dialer, your favorite home delivery restaurant is on the list.

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