Sunday, May 05, 2013

Smart Screen and Screen Off & Lock (Android) - Two excellent apps for controlling your phone's sleep mode

I'm doing something a little different here by posting on two apps at once, but I think you'll see why these two fit together so well.

First is Smart Screen Off Lite, which solved a problem for me. Keeping your phone close to hand is a must nowadays, but when certain types of notifications cause your screen to wake up, you don't want them to wake you, too. The light coming from the screen can disturb sleep even if it doesn't wake you completely. This app uses your phone's proximity sensor to turn your screen off and keep it off. So it's easy to turn on the app and put your phone face down to keep the screen from waking.

Second is Screen Off and Lock. This one solves the problem of having to press the power button on your phone when you want to turn off the screen and lock it. Instead, you add the app widget to your home screen. One tap of the widget turns off the screen and locks the phone. Simple and easy.

Check out the video to see both in action!

Get Smart Screen

Get Screen Off and Lock

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