Sunday, March 03, 2013

DayDream (iPhone/iPad) - An Excellent Way to Be Awakened

Developer Quote: "The brightest Alarm Clock on the App Store. DayDream delivers inspirational quotes, every morning. Start the day refreshed, relaxed and inspired."

Since most of us have no choice but to have an alarm get us up in the mornings, otherwise we'd be homeless, why not do it right? This inexpensive (only 99 cents!) app does a dirty job in a pleasant way, which can make the rest of your day go a whole lot better.


- Reliable + intelligent alarm
- Refreshing quotes every day
- Animated summer sky
- Personalised wake up greeting
- Redesigned snooze function
- Stunning alarm melodies
- Innovative night mode

- Elegantly simple design
- Vibration backup alert
- Functional in background mode
- 7 premium alarm melodies
- Snooze and repeat function
- Automatic 12/24 hour format

- Stunning, original quotes updated daily
- Share via Facebook, Twitter and email
- Add quotes to favorite list + save for later
- User submitted quotes welcome!

Click on the app icon below to download from iTunes...

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