Sunday, February 03, 2013

OfficeTime (iPhone/iPad) - Excellent Time and Expense Tracker

Developer Quote: "OfficeTime is an amazingly intuitive time tracker. Where other time keepers are clumsy or oversimplified, OfficeTime balances features and ease of use, allowing you to easily track exactly what you do each day."


✔ Pay once. Get for both iPad and iPhone ✔ Export to Numbers or Excel ✔ Get cross team reports on your Mac or PC (sold separately) ✔ Work with cross platform offices (sold separately): PC, Mac , iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ✔ Track by project and category. ✔ Run multiple timers ✔ Rapidly switch tasks ✔ Time in the background ✔ Pay no monthly fees ✔ Work offline. No need for WiFi or 3G ✔ Crisp Retina display for the new iPad and iPhone

Click on the icon below to download from the App Store for only $7.99!

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