Saturday, February 09, 2013

Horizon Calendar (iPhone/iPad) - Calendar and Weather Come Together

Developer Quote: "You should never have to choose between checking the weather and your calendar.  Horizon integrates the current weather forecast with your calendar… and it's blazingly fast."

If you're checking your calendar it's because you have things to do. Places to go, maybe even people to see. And what is the one thing that matters when you have stuff to do? You know where I'm going, don't you? The WEATHER. Unless everything you have to do is inside, and in that case you are a boring person and don't need this app. But for the rest of us who need to experience the outside world every once in a while, being able to see what the weather portends for your appointments is very helpful; and it's especially awesome if you don't need two apps to do it!


· Weather for all of your events up to 14 days out

· Smart list view that gives more emphasis to the current day

· Easy event creation with built in location search

· Elegant night mode

· Easy to access month view that shows how busy you are at a glance

· Lightning fast speed and buttery smooth scrolling

· Toggle empty days

· Metric system

· 24-hour time

· Context based event creation automatically sets the date to the day you are viewing

· Tap and hold a day in the month view for quick event creation

· Swipe gesture support

Click on the icon below to get it for $1.99 (for a limited time!) from the App Store!

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