Sunday, February 24, 2013

Beauty Box Photo (iPhone/iPad) - Digital Makeup App

Developer Quote: "There's never been an easier way to make yourself look beautiful! You've seen Beauty Box Photo™ used on singers and movie stars on NBC, HSN, E! Entertainment, Universal Music...It's used by professionals every day. Now the same Digital Makeup™ technology is available in this great, free app for your photos!"

Presenting yourself to the world means putting your best foot, and face, forward, whether you're in person or digital. This app allows you to apply "digital makeup" so you look just like the people on TV. You didn't think they really look like that, did you?


- Fixes skin problems caused by camera flashes and other harsh lighting
- Smoothes out wrinkles and blemishes
- Digital Makeup technology is subtle and natural looking
- Lightens or warms up skin tones
- Reduces shiny skin caused by camera flashes
- 37 Creative styles and looks (17 in the free version)

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