Saturday, January 12, 2013

iFile Download Manager (iPhone/iPad)

Developer Quote: "Download multiple files of any type from Safari & store and view them right on your iOS device from anywhere*! Get iFile Download Manager to download, access & save every file you need locally & in the cloud. Unify your file management & download experience today!"

Tons of Features:

● Utilizing iFile Download Manager you can download files of nearly any format (including text, video, and audio file types) right through the normal mobile Safari browser on your iOS device. Downloads can run as background applications for up to ten minutes if needed.  ● iFile Download Manager features an embedded browser which gives users the option to search out files and download them from the web without ever leaving the app. Furthermore the app is fully integrated with mobile safari, ensuring that when file links are clicked the opened files can be redirected to iFile Download Manager for automatic download!  ● Built to be practical and optimally functional, iFile Download Manager enables you to download multiple files from the web simultaneously, automatically initiate file downloads, and offers full resume support.   ● iFile Download Manager isn’t simply a portal for you to retrieve and access all the files you’ve downloaded and/ or saved on your iOS device. The app links directly with your Dropbox account and backs up to iCloud too.  ● Once iFile Download Manager is up and running you can open up and view every file you’ve downloaded or saved too; even if it’s a file type that’s not normally supported by iOS. Every video format, picture format, and document format - everything.   Manage the docs & files you download or import more effectively with iFile Download Manager as well with the help of:  ●“Cut” & “Copy” Utilities:  Cut, Copy and Paste whole files and/or select and copy specific portions of any docs content.   ● Rename files:  Edit and change file & document names with ease.  ● Share files via email:  Wirelessly share any files & docs they’d like to with contacts.  ● Print files wirelessly via Air Print  Print any document to any printer regardless of where you are with a bluetooth connection.  ● Compress files into .zip files  Save space and compress large files to send & share via email  ● File decompression from .zip, .rar, & .tar files:  Open up & view large files normally unable to be opened on iOS devices with the click of a button.  ● In-app file search bar:  Locate documents and other files by name that are either locally on your device or stored on Dropbox.  ● Import photos & take photos right through iFile Download Manager:

Only $3.99! Click on the app icon below to get it from the App Store!

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