Sunday, January 27, 2013

Handy Album (iPhone/iPad)

Developer Quote: "Are there too many photos in your cell phone? Is it hard to find your favorite photos or is it too troublesome to clear up the photo album? Try (Handy) Album!"

There are probably a million ways to sort and organize your photos. OK, maybe not quite that many, but too many. And you can't really sort them anyway, unless you manually put each one in a specific album. So that's not going to happen, more than likely. Which means they're an unholy mess.

But wait! This app will automatically, yes, that means you don't have to lift a finger!, will automatically mark each photo you take with where and when it was snapped, so you can open the app and see them graphically and geographically organized. Check it out...


1. Automatically classify the album according to when and where the photo is taken. . 2. Three time modes which are Sun, Moon and Star, provide you a clear vision of each commemoration day’s happy times.  3. A map pattern with a timeline, allowing you to relive the wonderful journey. 4. Two consecutive swipes start autoplay. The support of rich gestures makes you easily finish operating. 5. Swipes upward and you can make a photo sort order switch easily between forward and reverse. 6. You can view the photo's Exif information. 7. Share supported. 8. Opening selected photo in other applications is supported.

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