Sunday, December 09, 2012

Should We Put Our Tech Aside for a Bit?

This blog is about serving up a constant stream of suggestions for great apps for mobile devices, whether Apple or Android. We hope you find some real gems and that they add to your productivity, fun, and yes, quality of life. But is there such a thing as too much when it comes to the use and ubiquity of our mobile devices? Are there times when we should set them aside? Nir Eyal of TechCrunch makes a good case for doing just that. Check it out. (Special thanks to Cool iPhone and iPad Apps for pointing it out!)

The first thing Don Draper does when he gets to his office is give his busty secretary a suggestive wink. The second thing he does is take off his fedora. Finally, depending on the severity of the previous night, he completes his morning routine with a stiff drink.

What can we learn from Don’s habits? First, that scotch and submissive secretaries always equal drama. But what of that fedora? There’s a lesson there, too.

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As any Mad Men fan knows, it was once popular for men to wear hats everywhere they went — except, that is, when they stepped indoors. When a gentleman went inside, he removed his hat and placed it on the nearest rack. It was a required social norm, a sign you were ready for business.

Though hats have long gone out of fashion, the custom should be a guide for how we adapt to the increasing pervasiveness of personal technology. It’s high time we started doing with our digital devices what well-mannered men did with their fedoras. We need a digital hat rack.

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