Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Maxthon Cloud Web Browser (Android/iOS/PC)

Developer Quote: "Made for people with multiple devices, Maxthon Cloud Browser offers high performance, seamless web browsing across different platforms and devices: PC, Android phones & tablets, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, iMac, MacBook, Kindle Fire and Blackberry."

It's all about cross-platform these days, and syncing all your devices. So get Maxthon on your PC, on your Android, your Mac and your iPhone and iPad. Everywhere! Set up a Maxthon Passport account and you'll be unified everywhere in no time.


★My Cloud Tabs - Lets you pick up where you left off by automatically syncing your tabs to different devices. ★Cloud Push - Supports sending texts, images, websites/links and tabs to any device with a Maxthon account. ★Cloud Download - Supports downloading and uploading files of all types to your free, secure cloud space. ★Favorites syncing - Your bookmarks/favorites travel with you anywhere you go. ★Brand new design - Simple, beautiful, easy-to-use and the same on every platform. ★Private browsing –Browse the web without saving any browser history. ★Reader Mode -Makes it easy to view articles by adjusting font sizes, formatting and removing ads. ★Amazing speed –Lightning fast web surfing ★Absolutely free–no advertisements! ★Quick Access –Puts your favorite sites on speed dial. ★Tab browsing - Powerful tab management that puts your mobile screen to maximum use. ★Add-ons - Small but useful add-ons to take your browsing experience to new heights ★Sharing with friends - Super easy and intuitive ways to share mobile contents through Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and other social media channels ★Advanced Gesture - Create your own touch screen commands to surf with your fingertips. ★WWW/WAP switch - Switch between www and WAP versions of the web at your fingertip ★Download Manager - Makes it easy to sort, schedule and grab the downloads you need: wherever, whenever. ★Powerful personalization - Avatars and more in your browser. ★Text re-flow/auto-wrap - Texts automatically reflow in browser, adjusting to your device screen.

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