Saturday, December 08, 2012

GiftShopper for iPhone

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Developer Quote: "Collect & Organize Your Gift Ideas • Track Your Gift and Souvenir Spending • Never forget a person or a gift again!"

For those of us not in the 1% (you know, we who don't pay someone to remember and buy gifts for the people we give gifts to), there's this app. It helps you plan, remember and budget - yes, budget! - your gifts so you can get everything done in time for the big day. The next big day may be Christmas, a birthday, a wedding anniversary, secretaries day, it could be anything.

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So don't attack your gift shopping with no plan or strategy! This amazingly useful app is only a pittance at 99 cents and will make your gift-giving a huge success.


• Very easy to use - even during shopping!  • Create events for any occasion of the year • Add persons directly from your iPhone's Contacts  • Manage your gift lists in an intuitive and easy way  • Easily edit or delete occasions, persons or gifts  • Assign photos to your gift items or ideas  • Simply tap gifts to mark them as "Purchased" / "Not yet purchased"  • Share your gift lists via email (html, csv and plain text)  • Full iOS 6 compatibility  • Polished user interface, optimized for retina display and the iPhone 5 • Many other things that will make your day brighter :)

Click the icon below to get GiftShopper from iTunes!

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