Friday, December 28, 2012

Beanstalk (Android) - Coordinate your cloud drives

Developer Quote: "Beanstalk is one app that allows you to quickly move your files across your Dropbox,, and Microsoft SkyDrive accounts with just the drag of a finger."

Keeping your important files on the cloud so you can easily access them from anywhere with a data connection is awesome, but there are drawbacks. One in particular is that you may have files kept on different services and find it hard to keep them organized. After all, when you can get free storage on so many different services you feel foolish not making use of them. So this app comes along and makes them accessible and movable between services. Nice!


-Easily manage your cloud services when you login into your Dropbox,, and Microsoft SkyDrive
-Move files between various file services and your SD Card. -One gesture to send a file to all your services and SD Card to keep everything in sync.
-Universal Sharing Button means any file you choose from these services can be shared to any application on your device that can support it!
-Phone and Tablet Support

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