Saturday, November 03, 2012

Scan Master (Android) - Turn your Android device into a scanner!

Developer Quote: "Scan master can turn your device into multi-functional scanner, helping you scan and record any paper document, any photo at anytime and anywhere."

Scanning to PDF isn't new, even on smartphones, but it is getting better and better. This app proves it!


1. Continuous Capture mode. Support Continuous Capture mode, and merge photos in one PDF
2. Multi—paths of images. Get images not only from shooting, but also from Gallery.
3. Smart effects processing. Provide auto effects processing, and make files perfect for printing.
4. Image editing. Adjust the Contrast, Brightness and sharpness of images.
5. Crop image. Enable auto cropping and customized cropping
6. Create PDF quickly. One click to create PDF.
7. Categorized PDF. Support PDF in category and customized category.
8. Multi ways for searching and browsing. Searching and browsing by Name/Modification time/Creation time
9. Process PDF in batch. Process variety of PDF files in batch, like merging, modifying tags, deleting or sharing. Process the contents, like sharing, deleting, or moving in single one PDF file.
10. Sharing rapidly. The whole PDF sharing: share the whole PDF file to others via email, or save to Evernote, or upload to drop box. Page sharing: each page can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

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Get Scan Master FREE from Google play!

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