Thursday, November 22, 2012

CoPilot GPS (Android) - One of the best GPS apps around!

Developer Quote: "Find the best way to navigate to all the places you need to go without relying on your mobile connection. Detailed street maps of an entire country or region are stored on your Android smartphone or tablet, so you’ll still be able to calculate routes and get driving or walking directions even when there’s no mobile network coverage."

If you need your maps available when you have no data access, or if you just want to save on your data usage, this GPS app is for you. You download and store on your phone the maps you need (all of North America, for example) so they're always there for you.


✔ Premium quality 2D street maps stored on-board your Android device for offline use  ✔ Millions of Points of Interest (POIs) built in with in-app dialing ✔ Powerful route planning with a multi-stop trip optimizer ✔ Alternate Routes: CoPilot GPS provides up to 3 ways to your destination ✔ Drag and drop the route to adjust ✔ Driving directions: manually cycle through the turns to your destination ✔ Walking mode: explore unfamiliar cities on foot with confidence ✔ Social sharing: let your friends know where you are with Twitter & Facebook status updates* ✔ Useful local content: discover interesting places and attractions nearby with Wikipedia and Google Search*

Download CoPilot GPS from Google play!

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