Sunday, November 11, 2012

AllSafe Password Vault (iPhone iPad) - Secure your private info now!

Developer Quote: "AllSafe – Password Vault protects your passwords, web logins, email accounts, credit cards, bank accounts, and any other confidential information you need to access securely even while on the go."

You want the convenience of having all your passwords and private web logins, credit cards, etc., on your iPhone or iPad, but don't want the danger of that data being seen and used by the wrong people. That's where AllSafe comes in!


★ State-of-the-art, 256-bit AES encryption – your data is secure!
★ Locked folders – extra security for financial and client data
★ Private, hidden folder – offers both security and privacy
★ Automatic password generator – create strong, secure passwords with the press of a button
★ Email and Dropbox backup – encrypted and secure, but available if you lose or replace your iPhone
★ 16 predefined templates – use as designed or add and customize your own
★ Getting Started Wizard – enter dozens of web logins and other records in no time

Click on the icon below to download AllSafe from iTunes!

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