Sunday, October 21, 2012

snapp! (iPhone/Android) - Location sharing with indoor check-ins

Developer Quote: "snapp! is a radical social networking application that helps you keep in touch with your social networks, friends and family anywhere!"

Don't ever lose track of your friends or family again. Snapp! works with iOS and Android, and even works indoors at malls and airports, etc.

Android App

iOS App


· Integrate with major social network sites including: facebook, twitter, fourquare, and friendswhere.
· Post pictures and messages from your location.
· Check-in anywhere with preferred network(s).
· Share your location and messages with friends and family anywhere: on the move, indoors, outdoors.
· Automatically check-in anywhere including to indoor venues;
· Configure settings for automatic check-in.

Get snapp! FREE on Google play or iTunes App Store!

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