Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Phone Schedule (Android) - Schedule Phone Actions

Developer Quote: "Create a task once and it will execute automatically. Configure time and days of week when you want it to repeat. Morning, daytime, night, weekdays, weekends, you name it! Save battery by switching off unused functions when you don't need them."

Automation is awesome! Though it may take a few minutes to set up, it can save you hours and hours over time!

Supported Actions List:

- Silent mode - Vibration mode - Normal mode - Switch WiFi On - Switch WiFi Off - Switch Bluetooth On - Switch Bluetooth Off - Airplane Mode On - Airplane Mode Off - Change Ringer volume - Change Media volume - Change Alarm volume - Change Notification volume - Change Ringtone - Silent Ringtone  - Change Notification Tone - Silent Notification Tone - Brightness - Auto - Brightness - Full - Brightness - Custom - Dim Screen - Launch an app - Mobile Data On (May not work on some devices) - Mobile Data Off (May not work on some devices) - Reminder

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Get Phone Schedule FREE on Google play!

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