Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Switch from the iPhone to Android

I'm not recommending it or discouraging it. I'm completely neutral on it as someone who appreciates and features apps for both types of devices on this blog. That being said, if you wanted to switch, here are some excellent instructions!

How to switch from the iPhone to Android - InfoWorld, October 9, 2012 by Galen Gruman

It's sacrilege, I know: leaving the Apple fold for another platform. But it's an idea to consider, given the strong advances in the Android OS this year and the wealth of compelling devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S III -- especially given the relatively minor advances in iOS 6 and the modest hardware changes in the iPhone 5.

I still find iOS a better mobile environment than Android, but the gap is closing and the differences matter little to many people. Also, the iPhone's screen is -- let's face it -- small by today's standards. But with vendor lock-in being the grail for so many technology classes these days, the question remains: Can someone ensconced in the Apple ecosystem really make the switch from iPhone to Android? The answer is, surprisingly, yes.

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