Thursday, October 18, 2012

Budget Balance for iPhone

Developer Quote: "Budget Balance is the ultimate tool for Budget Management. Stay on top of your expenses, incomes and salary requirements and detect potential problems well before they arise. keep management for your salary , incomes and expenses with just a few clicks."

So you're coming to the end of 2012 and you realize that you're finances are a mess, you've no idea how much you're making, how much you're spending, or why there's so much month left to go at the end of your paycheck. It's time, high time even, for you to start being responsible and taking control.

Do I sound like your dad? Sorry. But maybe it really is time to get an excellent, easy to use and attractive (and inexpensive - you are trying to do something about your spending, after all) iPhone app to help you find a way to turn things around.


Managing Transactions:
- Simple clicks for entering transactions.
- Choose category, Cost and sub-category (that's all)
- Allow creating unlimited customized sub-categories.
- Locate transactions on a map (which helps determine all transactions locations).
- View transactions by day/week/month/year.
- View transactions by location.
- Animated Pie chart for transactions categories

Managing Recurring Transactions:
- Simple clicks for entering recurring transactions.
- Choose recurring type by Daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/yearly

- 3 reporting types Income/Expenses/Income vs Expense reports
- 3 reporting charts types Trend/Pie/Bar
- Choose your reports for different periods weekly/monthly/yearly/all
- Generate PDF for reporting types within any mentioned period

General Features:
- Easily track expenses/incomes/salary and balance.
- High-resolution graphics; iOS 5 and Retina display support.
- Extremely lightweight and provides great performance, even on older devices.
- Suitable for use in any country supporting all worldwide currencies
- Backup and restore with simple clicks.
- Full application help.

Click the icon below to download from iTunes!

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