Sunday, March 11, 2012

Slice (Android) - Automatically tracks your online shopping orders!!

Some fresh pickings from the Android Market today... This excellent and secure app will track all your online orders without you having to enter every tracking number. Developer:

It’s the only app that tracks your shipments automatically -- no need to manually enter in each tracking number. Slice works with Gmail and Yahoo! Mail to find the receipts in your email and puts your purchase information at your fingertips. We'll save you time .. and maybe some money, too. Here's how:


✓ Track FedEx, UPS, and USPS packages automatically. No digging through emails, no logging into multiple merchant accounts, no copy/paste of long tracking numbers.

✓ View which items are on their way and from which merchant, all on a single map

✓ Get push notifications when a package is shipped, out for delivery or has been delivered, so you always know where your stuff is as soon as there’s an update.


✓ Back up your e-receipts and access them quickly -- without having to dig through your inbox

✓ Get notified by Slice when a recent purchase drops in price, so you can contact the merchant and recoup the difference.

✓ Keep track of your Groupons, Living Social and Gilt City vouchers. Don’t miss out on a daily deal because you forgot about it!

✓ Automatically consolidate your purchase history and receipts all in one place, enabling you to
・ keep track of spending
・ search past purchases to recall key details and identify deductible expenses
・ facilitate returns and exchanges
・ find style & model numbers and other item details
・ view customer service phone numbers and policies

Check it out!

Slice is FREE on the Android Market!

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