Thursday, October 13, 2011

Let's all use our brains - How to defeat phishing

I don't usually draw attention to news and articles,but this one is deserving of being disseminated as widely as possible...

c|net - Only you can prevent phishing attacks by Dennis O'Reilly, October 10, 2011

As I sorted through several dozen newly arrived e-mails this morning I noticed one from "Provider Inc." with "Order Sales Order" in the subject line. "Damn phishers," I thought as I prepared to send the message to the digital Dumpster.

On second thought, I wondered what would make someone fall for a message that appeared to me like an obvious phishing attempt. Well, people respond to sales receipts even if they haven't bought anything online recently--nobody wants to be charged for something they didn't buy.

So "Sales Order" was the first hook. After opening the message--carefully--the clues to its bogus nature were everywhere. "North Luigi, AZ"? Are you kidding me? A fax number with a prefix of "006"? C'mon. The sad fact is, some of the poor souls the phisher targets with this e-mail will take the bait.

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