Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google+ - Why I love it and my predictions

All the top dogs out there are offering their take on Google+, so I will join the fray and offer mine. I love it. Here's why:

First, I love the control it gives me over who I post to and whose posts I see. With Facebook, unless I bend space and time, everything I post is seen by everybody on my friend list, and let's face it, very few of them are my friends. I've got family, followers of my blogs, coworkers, people I haven't talked to in decades and probably never will again, distant relatives, people who share this interest with me and people who share that one. What can I possible say that I want all of these people to see? Not much.But break it down into circles, and suddenly I have things to say to different groups.Going along with this is what I read. I have less than zero interest in what most of my FB "friends" have to say. Less than zero means much of what they say is annoying. With G+ I can see streams only from the circles I want to read with one click. It's awesome.

Second, I love that I can follow anyone, whether they follow me or not. If I'm interested in what brother Larry Page has to say, even though he doesn't know I exist, I can add him to one (or more) of my circles so that his public posts are visible to me. People don't need to ask other people to friend them! If someone adds you to their circles, you'll be notified, and if you choose to add them in return, you can. Or not. Up to you.

Third, Hangout works beautifully. I tried the Skype setup for video chat on FB and it kept crashing, and even if it didn't, it was a pain to find the executable and install it, and even if it was easy, you can still only chat with one person. With Hangout I can chat with up to ten people at a time (although I haven't tried that yet).

Predictions? Many people will stick with FB and never join G+. I say, fine. People who won't use G+ will be far less technically literate than those who do, and FB works great for them. So I will probably use both networks. Therefore I prophesy that G+ won't kill FB, but will coexist and compete, kind of like iPhone and Android. And who knows, maybe Microsoft will throw in their own, lame take.

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