Friday, October 01, 2010

StartTalking (Android) - Hands free texting and more!

This app can save lives...

From the developer:

"StartTalking makes texting-while-driving 100% hands-free and eyes-free, because it addresses the problem of distracted driving while using a mobile phone. Just start talking to your mobile phone and StartTalking does the rest. You simply get StartTalking’s attention, speak your message and listen to responses.

Here's what you can do with StartTalking:

* Send text messages
* Listen to incoming text messages as they arrive
* Reply to messages
* Post to Twitter
* Post to Facebook
* ...and there's lots more coming

You can even send any message in your own voice, which really makes it personal and 100% accurate."

StartTalking Overview

StartTalking can be downloaded here.

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