Monday, July 12, 2010

MyNature Animal Tracks (Android) - Release your inner tracker!

Something about nature strikes a pleasant chord within the human psyche. Perhaps it's the fact that we're related, however closely or distantly, by a common ancestry to every animal on the planet. Whatever the reason, MyNature Animal Tracks is an Android app that will definitely please the nature-lover in each of us.

Animal Tracks opens with a screen that provides 3 paths to your investigation of 46 North American species. You can choose to look at the animals' tracks, to help you identify which animal you're seeing the tracks of; you can go directly to a view of all the species; or you can listen to each animal's peculiar vocalizations, to see which animal you might be hearing.

Animal Tracks also has beautiful images of the animals in the wild...

The app not only has wonderful and informative content, but it also works smoothly and quickly so you can find the information you need without unnecessary distraction. The attractive and intuitive interface makes using the app a pleasure. Both adults and children will find this Android app to be a boon to their appreciation of North American wildlife.

Developer's Highlights:

# A searchable database on track size and shape featuring 7 search categories. For example 4 toes round in shape the Felid family, 4 toes oval to square in shape the Canid family, hooved tracks, tracks with 5 toes, tracks that are birdlike and much more.
# Clearly illustrated track drawings showing both fore and hind prints with track measurements along with a description of the animal’s habitat and life cycle.
# Illustrated images of each animal’s common gait as well as other gait patterns they may use.
# Digital images of an actual track of each animal in the wild.
# Range maps to reference an animal’s presence in your location.
# Sound wavs of each animal’s vocalizations.
# A full color digital image of what the animal looks like in it’s natural environment.
# A handy ruler to measure and aid in track identification.
# MyNature journal, where you can personally record the tracks you’ve found along with the location, weather conditions or just your own personal thoughts about your day afield.
# Tips on finding tracks, plaster casting and much more.

MyNature Animal Tracks is available on the Android Market

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