Wednesday, June 30, 2010

TopOCR - Converts digital images to text

Looking for a free way to take your digital images of documents and convert them to editable text? This freeware application specializes in images taken with digital cameras and smartphones. From the developer:

Can your camera or smartphone replace a scanner for document capture with OCR? The answer is a resounding YES! TopSoft, Ltd, a leading developer of OCR and image processing software has created an application specifically for OCR data capture with digital cameras and smartphones called TopOCR. TopOCR uses the latest most powerful neural net pattern recognition and digital signal processing techniques for the best possible OCR results from digital cameras. This OCR technology is the result of years of research and development in the United States and Europe. Unlike OCR applications designed for scanners, TopOCR understands that images from digital cameras and smartphones have more variation in image quality. As a result, the OCR processing in TopOCR is more robust and utilizes sophisticated image processing algorithms that the older OCR programs completely lack. After a lot of testing, and feedback from early users, many people feel that OCR document capture based on digital cameras will be the wave of the future.

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