Saturday, June 05, 2010

ASK Toolbar Remover - Get rid of this blight once and for all

The ASK toolbar is a blight. It tries to get you to install it via trickery (sliding itself unobtrusively into your installation of apps you actually want). Then it refuses to go when you try to remove it. That's just obnoxious. If a product is worthwhile, people will actually choose to install it. This one clearly doesn't fit into that category. So how to get rid of it if you let it slip by you?

From the developer:

" is a leading search engine on the Web. It was first created in 1996 as Ask Jeeves and renamed to in 2005. Ask is a owned by IAC and is based in Oakland, California (USA). Ask also distributes the Ask toolbar to facilitate use of their search engine.

The Ask toolbar is often installed along with other software, which can be irritable. The toolbar is also known to increase web browser loading times, and memory use. Furthermore, the Ask toolbar installer often sets the computer's homepage to Removing the Ask toolbar will have no ill-effects on your web browsing.

We at AutoClean have created a program called the Ask Toolbar Remover that has been designed specifically to remove every last trace of the entries of the Ask Toolbar. Be aware that we do not in any way advise you to remove any Ask programs, but provide this removal tool to facilitate its removal if you decide to."

Get ASK Toolbar Remover

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