Sunday, June 06, 2010

aCar (Android) - Track vehicle maintenance, mileage & expenses

Keeping track of your car's (or multiple cars') maintenance schedule, fuel mileage and costs on a PC is fine, but since you don't take your PC with you when you're actually in your car, it's not a very convenient process. Enter this cool Android app!

Some of the app's features:

* Tracking gas mileage and vehicle maintenance
* Multiple vehicles support
* Storing vehicle details (Make, Model, License Plate, etc.)
* Supporting several international units: MPG (US, Canada & Imperial), gal/100mi (US & Imperial), mi/L, km/gal (US & Imperial), L/100km, km/L
* Service reminders for vehicles (both time and mileage based). They can be separately customized for each vehicle
* Powerful searching and filtering
* Thorough statistics of your vehicles at a glance
* Exposing your data as graphical charts: Fuel Efficiency, Fuel Price, Fuel Expenses, Service Expenses (Pro Feature!)
* Comparison charts for your vehicles and the fuel octanes you're using (Pro Feature!)
* Full manual/automatic data and application settings backup/restore (Pro Feature!)
* Importing data from various sources: Mileage application, Road Trip application, Auto 3in1 application,, and any plain Excel compatible CSV file (Pro Feature!)
* Exporting data to Excel compatible CSV format (Pro Feature!)

aCar is available on the Android market.

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