Friday, March 19, 2010

YoWindow - A free desktop weather app with a difference

Look through a window in your monitor to see the weather outside your door. Well, something like that. Here, listen to what the developer says:

"YoWindow works like your window. A landscape reflects the actual weather and the sunlight at your place.

YoWindow is the first!

    * You have the picture, not just boring weather data
    * Navigate (to) any moment in (the) future and enjoy the forecast
    * Do you know a(nother piece of) weather software like this?

Full-featured desktop weather station.

    * Total weather control - temperature, wind, pressure, UV and so on
    * Current weather from METAR
    * Excellent weather forecasts by
    * Personal weather station support

We believe, YoWindow is the new weather interface."

Get YoWindow

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