Sunday, March 07, 2010

SpyDLLRemover - Detect and delete running spyware processes

Your computer could be a zombie, part of a worldwide botnet being used to send millions of spam messages and attack legitimate websites. Not a pleasant thought. Nor is it comforting to know that there's more and more talk of quarantining infected computers, effectively cutting them out of the system and isolating them from other Internet users to curb the reach of the botnets.

Here's a great software tool to help you detect any bits of malware that might be infecting your machine. From the developer:

"SpyDLLRemover is the standalone tool to effectively detect and delete spywares from the system. It comes with advanced spyware scanner which quickly discovers hidden Rootkit processes as well suspcious/injected DLLs within all running processes. It not only performs sophisticated auto analysis on process DLLs but also displays them with various threatlevels, which greatly helps in quick identification of malicious DLLs. The DLL search feature helps in finding DLL within all running processes using just partial or full name. Then user can choose to remove the dll from single process or from all loaded processes with just one click."

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