Monday, March 01, 2010

Putler - Monitor your Paypal account from your desktop!

For those of you who have and use a PayPal account, the question of the hour is this: Why am I wasting time accessing my account from my browser when I can easily see what's going on from my desktop, no browser required??? Huh? Huh?

If you're stumped, check out this app. Developer says:

"Putler shows your PayPal balance on your desktop, notifies you of balance updates, lets you set a target, shows today's transactions and tells you how well are you doing against the target. It's a simple and effective tool to monitor your PayPal account right from your computer. Just provide your PayPal API information to Putler and he will start monitoring your PayPal balance. He will gently notify you when the balance changes. He even draws a nice chart of your daily balances along with a target you may have set. This gives you a never before visibility on targets vs performance for your PayPal business account."

Get Putler

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