Monday, February 22, 2010

ProcessEye - Watch your processes and startups and more!

What do I do? I tell you about great apps. Part of that is not telling you about apps that are a waste of your time. At least I try. Here's an excellent on that lets you see your running processes and startups and manage them like a pro. A pro what, I don't know, but a pro. From the developer:

"# ProcessEye V1.0 Show the list of all running processes with their respective PID and location. The refresh of the running processes is done automatically every 2 second .
# Startups Service Show the list of programs that use common service to start with Windows.
# Startups Registry Show the list of programs that use common registry keys to start with Windows.
# Drivers List Show the list of drivers with the respective file location, file publisher and the description of the driver. There is also an option “Show only unknown drivers” that shows all drivers with unknown publisher.
# Loaded DLLs Show the list of non-Microsoft DLLs located in suspicious folders that are loaded in your system by all running processes
# Hosts Editor Show: system32driversetchosts file give a possibility to Edit Create Backup save Change.
# in many options you have the possibility Upload Process File to virus scanner web (VirusTotal), kill Porcess, suspend Process, restart Porcess delete open containing folder .
# the same options are active to Startup Manager, Driver list, DLL loaded, Startup service you have possibility send file to Antivirus scanner and analyze realtime."

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